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Thread: Quicktime Import Flash 8 Pro

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    Quicktime Import Flash 8 Pro

    In MX 2004 it was possible to import a Quicktime file without jumping through all the hoops to embed it directly into the timeline. Now, with Flash 8 Pro, I have to specify the path to the Quicktime file (no biggie) but if I want to embed a video longer than 10 seconds I get the warning that the audio and video will be out of sync. My only options at that point are to progressively download or stream from the web. Many of my projects are for CD delivery so it wouldn't make sense to link my project to a video deployed on a web server. Is there a way to embed a Quicktime video of 3+ minutes in length directly into the timeline of a Flash 8 Pro movie without the audio and video going out of sync?

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    Why not just load it from the same directory as the SWF?

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    Import the video track without the audio track.
    Import the audio track.

    Place the audio track on the timeline under the video track and set the sync option to stream in the Properties Inspector.

    You should be able to extract the audio from the video with QuickTime Pro.

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