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Thread: Typography comentaries?

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    Looking for sites realated to typography and design? something with good reading content possibly? just curious.


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    heya scarab,

    unfortunately the internet doesn't provide much help
    when it comes to serious typography (or i just didn't find it yet ).

    go to amazon, they have a whole bunch of good typography

    look for books by tschibold or frutiger, or annual type
    books (maybe by art directors club).

    same applies to design resources. those i found on the
    net are either incomplete or keep to much on the surface
    of things or teach only photoshop or flash.

    there's more to design then knowing the programs, though,
    and you'll almost have to buy some good books.

    look for the following keywords :

    visual communication
    visual perception

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    in my opinion there are way too many flash sites that are nothing but typography (huge letters, letters bunched together to make designs). it's getting old.

    the only one of those sites i can think of right now is typographic.com. it's a nice site, though it doesn't even deal with fonts that much other than a nice text effect.

    try suffocate.org

    and david carson is the typography god.

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    well...i agree that there are way to many BAD sites that
    try to use letters to imitate typography.

    just some flying letters and tools that animate them.

    carson is one of very few people who broke the rules and
    got away with it....

    i don't want to say that carson isn't a genius.
    but even carson (or brody) went back to legible

    what i wanna say :

    when it's done right typography can be highly fascinating.
    flash maybe a good tool for that because it uses
    vectors to display graphics.

    my plead is for "back to the roots" typography on the
    web. don't let the letters fly, let them create form
    and function.

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    yeah, I heard that...

    Yes I havent been able to find anything descent. just wandering if there was something out there...


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    Re: yeah, I heard that...

    If you're looking for a good typographic resource try makambo.com or mindcandy.com these guys know what makes cool fonts.

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    Headhurt, really enjoyed thos links, much thanks...


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    Two great books for understanding Typography are:
    stop stealing sheep and rhyme & reason : a typographic novel.

    must haves for designers.

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