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Thread: Inspiring Commentary requested

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    Where can I go with this? I'm drawing a blank.

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    heya greybro,

    well, sorry but you're mixing too much different styles

    for once, the interface simulates a blue steely one, i
    guess, but it doesn't look realistic (sorry if you didn't
    intend to do so).

    the buttons are no real element of the interface but
    instead look like they were sticked on it.

    i like the idea with the pictures that imagine as
    soon as you move your mouse over, but they fade in too

    i also like the sliding preview of the pictures.

    maybe have some second thoughts about the matrix like
    numbers in the background, it's been excessively overused

    also try not to neglect the content part of the site.
    while you got out of your way to create a graphical
    interface, the content should merge optically with it.

    keep on going

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    Cool That's Dead On

    I agree with everything you observed. Actually, your stie just rocks so hard it makes guys like me get lost looking for an identity. I look at all these different sites and thinking, " Well, if I can figure out how that works, I can emulate." Then you find yourself just doing gimmics because you know how. I've just got to step back and think about something that more reflects the content

    Thanks for your comments.

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    don't let all this discourage you.

    we all had to start somewhere, and don't forget, i had
    more than 4 years practise and studys for all this.

    i know of noone (maybe except carson) who didn't have
    a founded design training and created high quality
    sites or anything else.

    keep on trying. the second one will be better than the

    good luck and enjoy the creative business

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    First, it's you're not your
    as in, If you're one of our friends...

    Second, this is a site for a band. Does the semi-technological look have anything to do with the band?

    And why the ability to change colors? Maybe it's just a personal thing with me, but I never know why people make things like that. I rate it right up there with draggable windows and full screen sites. But that's just my opinion.

    it seems like everything on that site needs to find a place.


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    London - UK

    resolved love your ball game...

    I really loved your preloader, especially your 3 balls... nice olours, lovely effect...
    shame your site then doesn't keep that going... I agree with the comment on the 0001100etc... it's being used way too much, a bit too predictable by now.

    I think you could make your buttons look a bit funkier, not sure about your font, It looks very pixelated...
    The images do seem to come up a bit slow...

    I reckon your on the right path, it just needs to show a bit stronger that it's a band's website...

    Good luck, Prisca

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    I agree

    Yes, I made the pre-loader after i made the movie and sort developed that little logo right then. I had the exact same thought.

    And, youy're right, the colors thing is just one of those little tricks I had learned from a tutorial and just wanted to try out. It's definitely getting the axe. In fact the whole thing will probably rebuilt in the style of the preloader.

    thanks for the input guys.

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    Smile Another Site

    Guys, I really do appreciate this input. Take a look at my personal site while you're at it at


    You might also take a look at my latest flash work for the bank. Go to http://www.firstunion.com and click on the big ass purple flammozeled button for the flash. I'd love to get your feedback on this stuff as well.

    Thanks again for the great feedback

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    heys greybro,

    it's nice to see that you were very busy..

    let's have a look at brentbowers.com

    first of all, i like the navigation. small, effective
    and informative.

    frames or nonframes is a discussion like linux or windows,
    so i don't want to comment on this...

    why did you use the standart html borders?
    have a look at this one, it's one of my early works...
    (it's in german, but have a look at cash&more ->
    Mitarbeiter). it's a little tedious work in html, but it's
    worth the trouble.

    ok, this is my opinion, but why use Arial? The verdana
    font is much more legible, and it doesn't look that
    horrible in small size (-3).

    i really like the idea of the images on the right side,
    but i got the feeling they're to big in proportion of the
    rest of the site.

    all in all nicely done, but it still needs some refinement.

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    Very Nice


    Very nice. You definitely have the proportion thing nailed down. That's one thing that often gives me a fit. It's my lack of a formal art education I suppose. I was originally educated as a mortician and sort of career hopped into to his on my own.

    I've always felt fine about frames, though in general they seem frowned on these days. I guess it just depends on how graphical they are right?

    Did you have a chance to look at my Grinch flash thing for the bank?


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    hello brent ,

    about the proportion problem:

    yeah, that's just one thing you learn in an formal art
    or graphic design education. but it's a lot about playing
    with shapes and forms, either. my advice (if you didn't
    anyway): draw your layout with pencil and by hand on a paper
    then build it in photoshop and only after that construct
    it in html, flash or whatever.

    thus you have three times the chance to adjust proportions
    and other things. besides, if you stick to forms and colors
    at the beginning (just shapes of different black and grey
    tones for text areas, images etc...) you have the
    opportunity to keep an eye on the relationship between
    text, images and design elements.

    didn't look on your flash until now, hope ican make the
    times this evening...(it's 3:30 pm here)

    another thing:
    if you feel interessted about those basic things like
    proportion, color and such, get yourself some books
    about visual communication. you learn a great deal about
    the basics, and it will show.
    i know these books ain't cheap, but it fun to read them and
    it will show in your layouts.

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