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Thread: Looking for Tuts on Scrolling and Hover

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    Looking for Tuts on Scrolling and Hover

    In looking at this site.. I would like to do something similar but my Flash is a little Rusty.

    In looking at:

    How would set it up so that you can have a scrollbar on the right to scroll a page up and down?

    Also... how could you set up that hover so that when your mouse is over a certain section a box of text would pop up and follow your mouse?


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    scrollBar: either use the scrollbar component and load your .swf into it... or custom write your OWN scrollBar.

    as for the "tool-tip" effect... thats nothing more than when you roll over a certain defined area (news section...whatever) it will start a movieClip to be dragged by the mouse.. thats it.. usally these clips are invisible or off stage until "called"..and then go invisile again when you roll off the area.

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