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Thread: Help With my jumping game

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    Help With my jumping game

    I have a jumping game because I have recently started a project on a platformer type game, because of the kool things I saw in the post Jumping where blanius and others showed how to make a character jump.

    I Have a problem though. Sence I'm using a box code from connelete, whenever my character colides with the platforums he stops and cant go through it because its a box code. This code worked great when I had a small character (a ball) in which when I started out my project. But now that I created a larger character (a blue creature), he is too big that he colides with the platforums causeing him to stop even if he isnt on top of the platforum. So to resolve this, I created some boots for the character called body, and the boots are called "guy". and they do all of the moving, because they are small and wont ram into platforms above them. Now that I have the boots moving/jumping/stoping when landing on the floor or platforums, how do I get the main part of the character called "body" to follow the boots so it moves everywhere the boots moves? If you can help me get this to work, my guy wont stop when he collides with platforms above him.

    Heres the source, play it in your browser and you will see what I want you to do.

    left and right arrows = move, space bar = jump
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