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Thread: HTML Rendered Text Fails and symbols

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    HTML Rendered Text Fails and symbols

    Flash Pro 8's dynamic text rendered as HTML will not render or

    Try it yourself, it wont work.

    Yes, I embedded the symbols, I also embedded ALL 39477 GLYPHS just to test it - and it still didn't work.

    Yes, I tried £ ¥ (insertAmpersandHere)#163; (insertAmpersandHere)#165;

    I also tried %A3 %A5 but perhaps I applied it wrong?

    Here is my code - all instances in the script of £ ¥ %A3 %A5 do not show the symbols:

    htmlText = "My text: £ ¥ (insertAmpersandHere)#163; (insertAmpersandHere)#165; %A3 %A5 ";

    Remember, this text is to be rendered as HTML - when it is not rendered as HTML, the symbols are rendered (because I embedded them) but I want this text rendered as HTML, unfortunately, Flash overlooked the 2nd and 4th of biggest economies in the world's currency symbols?!?!?!? :O

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    I can't speak for Flash 8, but Flash CS5 renders them fine. I tried Flash 10, AS3 and Flash 8, AS2 and both worked.

    myText.htmlText="(ampersand)#163; (ampersand)#165;";
    Probably a dumb question given the number of glyphs, but are you sure the font has those glyphs? Have you tried any other fonts?

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    Thanks, rdoyle720!

    It's working now for some reason but I don't know why - I didn't even do a restart. Strange.

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