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Thread: FK vs DQS :: interforum rollCanvas

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    FK vs DQS :: interforum rollCanvas



    The discussion thread for this battle and a description of what is going on can be found here.
    [+] ctranter :: done
    [+] dricciotti :: done
    [+] EVPohovich :: done
    [+] onine :: done
    [+] >flashl!ght<:: done

    [+] scarface1856 :: done
    [+] jayemsee :: done
    [+] peter von frosta:: done
    [+] E :: done
    [+] team@247:: done


    What you see here is a 100 by 450 pixel piece of a 650 by 450 image. You're not supposed to see the rest of the image, and try and imagine what it looks like, and continue it. like this...

    This continues until we have a long canvas that all links together.
    How its going to work is:

    1) A member from one team will post the last 100 pixels of his image as public.
    2) A player on the other team makes a 650x450 image, that continues from the 100px image that is provided.
    3) The member submits an image that shows 100px of the right side of his volley.
    4) The user emails me his 650px image (dricciot {at} purdue {dot} edu) without letting anyone else see his finished product
    5) The cycle starts again.....

    If anyone has trouble understanding the concept just drop a message.

    Here are the previous two roll canvas battles we did:

    Canvas I
    Canvas II (html)
    Canvas II (flash)
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