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Thread: Newbie - Media player

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    Newbie - Media player

    Im new to flash and just finished a title menu for a site and am currently working on a media player..
    and have a few questions..
    orderd by importence..

    Basicly we would like the media player to eather "float" over the page alowing it to be moved where ever on the page without it being comfined inside a flash document... or is there a way of opening another browser window without the window being visible? like having it show up in your task bar, but the media player being the only visible part of it..
    If none of that is possible im just going to create a blank browser window with none of the top menu options..

    Progress bars..
    Ive done this when only needing to play one audio file..but since this site is for a band i need it to work with more then one.. Ive tried basicly creating a seperate movie for each audio file and progress bar, then exporting it then importing it into the media player.. but when ever I try to play it the progress bar shows up all black and the media wont play...
    also, any way of creating progress bars for external streaming audio files..

    think thats about it for now...
    Thanks in advance..
    Mike C.

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    press the picture...
    Floating using the startDrag method will not be possible, because this can only be done using onPress method and that will override any other method to manage the player. Then to play your audio, all you need is something like this:

    PHP Code:
    myPlayer.setMedia ("mp3/track1.mp3""MP3");
    a:Object = new Object ();
    a.click = function (obj) {
    obj.target.play ();
    myPlayer.addEventListener ("click"a); 
    The button is automatic for play/pause.
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