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Thread: adding Text area to stage with code

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    adding Text area to stage with code


    is it possible to add a text area to the stage at run time? using actionscript? I've had a quick read of Docs and is TextAea class something which allows this? ideally I would be able to add an area in run time, and then pull the right/bottom edges around with the mouse to change the size of the user input area, possible?

    thanks for any advice


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    press the picture...
    put a textarea component in the library:

    this.createClassObject(mx.controls.TextArea, "myText", 1);
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    Or you could use this:

    mytext.multiline = true;
    mytext.wordWrap = true;
    mytext.border = false;

    myformat = new TextFormat();
    myformat.color = 0xff0000;
    myformat.bullet = false;
    myformat.underline = true;

    mytext.text = "this is my first test field object text";
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    thanks, after some more thought, I think I'll go with just having an input area already on the stage, but the what I want now is for when someone types over a number of levels for 1 line it automatically wraps to the next line......i've got a 2 line input area set up, with multiline turned on, but in run time when you type something in, it just keeps going on the same line, and not moving down to the 2nd line when going beyond the width of the area, how do i get it to wrap to the next line?

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