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Thread: Getting attention

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    Getting attention

    Has anyone found a good medium to get users to play their games? I've created a few games, but no one seems to find them. I've recently checked out www.flash500.com. Anyone know of a similar site?


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    If you dont want monney for the games but just would like to have players for all the effort you spend. Go with newgrounds (i cant really say i like newgrounds) but the feedback is great and also the numbers of people who will play if the game is good.

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    If you just want exposure but not cash then send your game to loads of arcade sites. They will happily take it and send it around to other sites with their branding in and it means plenty of exposure for you and them.

    Although you may want to try selling it first. After all if it turns out to be a monster hit you may well regret letting it go for nothing.
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    Agree'd Before letting ya game go email a hole bunch of game sites asking if they wana buy your game, If you are unshore about how to do business ask around here about how the hole process gose's. there are a bunch of flash game devs around here who know there stuff.
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