For a more detailed announcement and past development details, please see this corresponding blog post, cheers.

Flash Racer!

A very long time in the making, random10122 (tom) and I (jon) have finally got to a point in this project where we would like to share with you what we have so far. Many of you have probably just clicked the link already , but for those of you still reading, here's some notes about this tech demo. We're trying to make a top-down racer. Lots of these have been done, sure. But we wanted something a bit different; Realism. Too long have car games had those horrid collisions that instantly reverse your car for you on the slightest scrape of the grass. We're pushing the flash player to it's limit to achieve something more natural and fun, but we hope it'll be worth it...

Tech Demo

This is our first release, and we're calling it a "tech demo", since it only shows the core engine "technology" we have been working on. Expect the menus to be simple, the graphics to be place-holder programming art, and the sound effects to be worse than those recorded in the vacuum of space by a deaf monk. Those of you who expect a finished optimised game may be excused to roll around on the floor, pointing and laughing.

Feedback needed!

However, we still would greatly appreciate some feedback on the current status! Not only just on how fast it plays, but your feelings and opinions on how it feels to play; are the cars realistic, could the collisions be improved ( yes... ). Finding the weak points now means we still have a chance to change it for the better for future versions. If you could provide this information, we'd be as chuffed as a yorkshire terrier with a personalised vest.

  • CPU speed
  • Flash player version
  • frames per second ( top-right corner ) - min/max/average would be great!

Give us the link already!

You can FOMGZ!! play the flashracer tech demo here!1!, using the following controls...

UP arrow - Accelerate
DOWN arrow - Brake
LEFT and RIGHT arrows - Steering
SPACE bar - Handbrake
1 - 4 numbers - Change camera view to other cars

Gratuitous screenshot:

Thanks in advance. It may not be much just yet, but we still hope it'll be some fun!

- Tom & Jon.