Whats up!
I post on a different forum for a lot of other web related issues, but when it came to flash help, it was pretty nil. So I was told I could get a lot of good help and advise from here.

What I have made is s movie that has 6 different morning Radio Show personalities. They are doing a weight loss competition and every week they weight in.

I would like certain data in this movie to be dynamic (in a XML file) so that I can just edit that file instead of the fla file every week! The movie is here and the pieces I want to be pulled from the XML document is the Name, Age, Height, Weight, and Weight loss for each personality.

So my question is, is there a link anyone knows about where I can read up on how to accomplish this, or of someone can give me a run down on how to complete 1 persons stats, and I'll do the rest!?

And of course, did this make sense? Thanks a lot for the help!!!