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Thread: i got a doozy here.... anyone help?

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    i got a doozy here.... anyone help?

    i had a swf put on my desk. no original fla. conversion is not a problem, but it left out most of the most necessary actions, masks and self-contained movies, which seems to mean that i have to try and recreate it from scratch.

    the swf (CD.swf) goes from scene to scene with user activated keypress. i need to stop this swf before the end of the piece so that i can add in new content.

    i have made a new fla "new.fla" that loads the "CD.swf" movie into the timeline. is there any way to control the CD.swf so that on the keypress where i need the old swf to stop and my new piece to start, it will switch the CD.swf with the "replace.swf"? i don't think i can use a time element, as the keypresses will be very random, based on the person giving the presentation.

    or is there a way to import the swf into "new.fla" so that it appears on the timeline as a movie that i can then add actions to?

    or am i really stuck, as it appears i am, with having to recreate the whole thing???
    thanks for reading and for your input!

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    me again. it seems as though a simple piece of code should do this....

    if (keypress) {
    right <= 16;
    } else if (keypress) {
    right >= 17;
    loadMovieNum("replace.swf", 1);}

    ...it plays the CD.swf fine, but does not switch at the 17th keypress. any ideas what my simplistic code is doing wrong? are the actions in "CD.swf" overriding mine?

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