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    Videos webpage **maybe security problem??**


    - K well I found a good tutorial on how to set up the flash player and all that good stuff. So I made a page with a flash movie player and wanted to test it with just one movie. I am loading the flv from an XML file. If I run the project in flash it will play the video fine. Also if I publish the project and then browse to the location on the server where the html file was published to and double click it everything still works fine.

    -The html file is located on a web server, so I can browse to the html page over the net by going to www.akmhq.net/new/videoTest2.html and it will pull up the page that I placed on the server but the video doesn't play at all. What is goin on?? I was thinking it had to do with the fact that over the net it can't locate the url I put in the xml file because i have it set up like this:

    < videos>
    < video url="videos/max_intro_01.flv" desc="Introduction" />
    < /videos>
    [ /code]

    but then I tried changing the url to "http://www.akmhq.net/new/videos/max_intro_01.flv" and still no luck.
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    EDIT:::nevermind...got it working... just had to configure the server to recognize the FLV MIME type.
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