Hello all

i have created a flash mp3 player well i have used one from a site http://www.flashmatics.co.uk/blog/?p=10 atm it pulls the tracks in from a xml file, i dont want this i need 6 buttons on the site, and eah click does the same as if it where in the xml list if you catch my drift, the reason i need todo this as the list is ugly and i need nice buttons for selecting the tracks' below is the code if anyine knows how to make it so it loads the tracks via buttins not a list it would be great.

//make textfields autosize
album_txt.autoSize = "left";
artist_txt.autoSize = "left";
title_txt.autoSize = "left";

//create sound object
var songInterval:Number;
var amountLoaded:Number;
var mySound:Sound;
var nextTrack:Number;

//this will contain all the track details from the xml file
var tracks_array:Array = new Array();
var totalTracks:Number;

//create the XML object and populate with track details
var jukebox_xml:XML = new XML();
jukebox_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
var RootNode:XMLNode;

jukebox_xml.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {
	if (success) {
    RootNode = this.firstChild;
	totalTracks = RootNode.childNodes.length;
	} else {
	trace("error loading xml file");

function populateTracksArray():Void{
	for(var i:Number=0; i<totalTracks;i++){
		tracks_array[i] = RootNode.childNodes[i];
		tracks_array[i].source = RootNode.childNodes[i].attributes.source;
		tracks_array[i].artist = RootNode.childNodes[i].attributes.artist;
		tracks_array[i].album = RootNode.childNodes[i].attributes.album;
		tracks_array[i].title = RootNode.childNodes[i].attributes.title;
		//play first track 
		//populate list component with song titles
function playTrack(source, artist, album, title, stream):Void{
	    artist_txt.text = artist;
		album_txt.text = album;
		title_txt.text = title;
		mySound = new Sound();
		mySound.onSoundComplete = function():Void{
			//lets play the next song
			if(list_comp.selectedIndex < (totalTracks -1)){
	list_comp.selectedIndex +=1;
		list_comp.selectedIndex = 0;
	playTrack(tracks_array[list_comp.selectedIndex].source,tracks_array[list_comp.selectedIndex].artist,tracks_array[list_comp.selectedIndex].album,tracks_array[list_comp.selectedIndex].title, true);
		songInterval = setInterval(songProgress,100);

function populateList():Void{
	for(var i:Number=0; i<totalTracks;i++){
	 _root.list_comp.selectedIndex = 0;

//create a listener for the list component
var compListener:Object = new Object();
list_comp.addEventListener("change", compListener);

compListener.change = function(info:Object):Void{
 playTrack(info.target.value,tracks_array[list_comp.selectedIndex].artist,tracks_array[list_comp.selectedIndex].album,tracks_array[list_comp.selectedIndex].title, true);

//this controls download bar and playback

function songProgress():Void{
	amountLoaded = (mySound.getBytesLoaded()/mySound.getBytesTotal());
	progressbars_mc.downloadbar_mc._width = amountLoaded * 200;
	progressbars_mc.playback_mc._x =  (mySound.position/mySound.duration)*amountLoaded * 200;
	position_txt.text = mySound.position;
	duration_txt.text = mySound.duration;
	playback_txt.text = progressbars_mc.playback_mc._x;

var soundPosition:Number;
var paused:Boolean = false;

controlbar_mc.pause_btn.onRelease = function():Void{
	soundPosition = mySound.position;
	paused = true;

controlbar_mc.play_btn.onRelease = function():Void{
	paused = false;