Thanks. Putting it in the newsletter will certainly help spread the word. Good thinkin', P-Man. Just don't associate my name with it as if I had anything to do with coming up with the fix. All I did was find the info. And like JP said, while I think it's a good thing for Firefox users to know, it doesn't look like it magically healed dudeqwerty's problem.

That's really wierd that anything with a 2 won't display. I did a fair amount of searching around the net and not only did I not find a solution, but I can't find a single instance of it occuring to anyone but you. Now while that's not an absolute indication that it's happening to only you, it does lead me to believe that what you are experiencing is some kind of extension conflict that is resulting in a condition unique to your configuration.

Are you using the latest build of Firefox... If not, I would upgrade. The extensions that come immediately to mind as possible causes are the ones that interact with forum function like the BBCode extension. Are you using any of these? I know it's kind of a pain, but I would recommend disabling all of your extensions, see if the problem still exists, then enabling them one by one to see if you can find the one that causing the conflict.