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Thread: Need Help on my shockwabve!!

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    ok my problem is, i created a shockwave movie from director, and i uploaded it on my ftp from aol. in the browser before the movie plays, you see the macromedia shockwave logo pop up and them my movie plays. how do i get that shockwave screen to NOT appear in the browser??.and also how do i get it to play a loader like flash and then go to my movie?? i am using my ftp from aol 5.0 and for my web publisher i am using adobe golive. can anyone please help!?!? this is my webpage so you can see the problem.. http://members.aol.com/thinkgraphic/ww3/index.html


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    the shockwave loader is needed to make the movie load and stream properly. not sure if you can make your own loader like flash. anything done in director will have that shockwave loader. check out http://www.thesquarerootof-1.com/
    they use lingo to make their animations, pretty sweet.
    hope this helps.

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