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Thread: Brainstorming: Creating Tazmanien Devil spin in Flash

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    Brainstorming: Creating Tazmanien Devil spin in Flash

    I was approached by one of our morning shows to do some more flash animation. they gave me the details and all of it I can handle with no problems. The only area I was thinking might give me a hard time is creating the spin effect....

    What i want to do is take a real "dirt-bag" pic of one of the cast members, then 1 really cleaned up nice pic! Now for the transistion, I want to create the Tazmanien Devil spin in flash, with the smoke coming out, debris flying around, and the actual SPIN of the rings.

    Now just from remembering how it looks, I think I could create a couple different movie clips of 1 spinning ring, but in different size and perspective variations, then re-use those same MC's to stack on top of each other to create the desired effect....

    OR can I create 1 movie clip, and reuse that one MULTIPLE times and and be able to change the size, perspective, spin direction, etc...

    I just dont know if thats a logical way of doing it, if it would work or if there is a faster way of creating this effect!?! If there is, could any of you hook me up with a theory, or if you have seen this effect somewhere can I get hooked up with a link?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Well, probably the best is to create 2 or 3 deeply different rings, and then duplicate them into more with different colours, transparency etc..

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