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Thread: Saving down from Flash v8

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    Saving down from Flash v8

    I have created a website using Flash v8. My client has now asked that I save it down to v7 (MX 2004) to make it more friendly to their audience. When I try to save it, I get the following error messages:

    Advanced/Custom Anti-Aliasing Used

    I have gone through my entire library, selected each individual graphic and done "break apart" until each is broken down as far as it will go. I still get the error messages when trying to save down.

    Is there a way to do a "search" within the authoring environment to find the culprit(s)?

    FYI: I exported many of the graphics as swf files from Illustrator CS and converted each to a symbol upon import to Flash.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.

    UPDATE: I have found some of the items that are causing the problems. Now when I try to publish as Flash 7, I get the error message saying that Flash 7 does not support "Enhanced Strokes". I have opened the graphics that are specified when I try to publish, and broken them down as far as Flash will allow. I still get the "Enhanced Stroke.." error message. Anyone know how to UN-Enhance stokes?
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    That sounds like it is a text setting that you need to change rather than a graphic setting. Also, you don't need to save down to version 7, just publish down. Go to File>Publush Settings and set the export version to anything you want.
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    I had a problem with enhanced strokes once. I was not using any of them, but Flash kept warning. If you sure you dont have any, you save the fla file as MX2004 (click "yes, I will lose Flash8 strokes" in the warning message), then reopen the fla and all annoying strokes warnings are gone.

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    Thanks tonypa

    I went ahead and did what you said, and it seems to work fine.


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