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Thread: ::URGENT problem trying to call XML information out of an ASPX script

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    ::URGENT problem trying to call XML information out of an ASPX script


    The following 3 short paragrahs are a quick background on the question...go to the red for exact query if you like......

    I'm running a large animation project....writting, storyboarding drawing and animating it along with directing 3 others on doing backgrounds, animations etc.
    Part of it is to have a database play an animation with any combo of 8 characters the users have preselected, also transfering data input from a user and interacting with Flash.

    I have very little to no idea about this stuff and have a guy who knows a fair bit working on it ....BUT he has hit a wall and dosent know how to get it
    things working..... here is the question as he put it.......

    "We are trying to call XML information out of an ASPX script, build arrays, and get the Flash movie to act accordingly. When the Flash file is run on my local machine, calling an online script, which plucks stuff out of an online database, it works fine. However once the SWF has been uploaded, it no longer reacts AT ALL, it can't get a single variable out of the script...is there something I'm overlooking? "
    IF you KNOW this stuff and can help resolve it...GREAT!!...this project is about to launch in 3 days.... I would be willing to pay ( via paypal ) someone who knows this stuff really well and resolve the issues on if its more than a short answer.

    I've just reada thread here that seemd to have the similar problem...som answers but at the end still no resolve with the same problem as us I think.

    The quicker the answer the better so please also contact me directly at wayne@cartoon.co.nz


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    dude, pick and choose one area to post this in.

    I've moved your own post from the Coffee Lounge to the Scripting & Backend. Now you've double posted this here.

    No more. Multiple posts are not allowed here at FK.

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    Sorry Aleister...I went and deleted the first posting in the coffe lounge beore I reposted when I realised I shoud have it here.....so dont htink it was still there at all.

    Here is the reply form Nigel to clarify the problem.

    ATTEMPT 1 - Load online XML into offline SWF, sort and use...worked fine...
    ATTEMPT 2 - Load online XML into online SWF, sort and use...worked fine...
    ATTEMPT 3 - Call online ASPX from offline SWF, sort XML response and
    use...worked fine...
    ATTEMPT 4 - Call online ASPX from online SWF, sort XML response and
    use...fell over...

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    Is the remote server ASPX capable, does it have a mapping to the database?
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    Thanks Guys....Issue has been resloved. Its was somehting to do with not being uplaoded tothe correct place. THe whole thing was actaully working but had to be uploaded by the main IT guy to work intothe right place. Once it it was uploaded intothe correct place it WORKED!!

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