I have been using fireworks pngs for the text in my Flash movie (because I can control the allignment exactly, and because I can use transparency). This worked great until the most recent version of my Flash movie where everything looks fine in the Flash Player playback,but in all browers that I've tried it in, the text becomes slightly squished and jagged.

This never happened before, using the same png's in the same movie...?...

Here is an example of the distorted text (basically every text element in the movie):


I thought it had smething to do maybe with memory and the fact that my movie was very large with lots of images etc, but it works fine in the Flash player and in fact it worked fine a few versions ago.

WHY is this happeing? Does anyone know?Has anyon eelse experienced this?

I welcome any advice or explanations ...

thanks in advance,


(I also posted this message in the flash MX forum, but thought maybe graphic experts here may have more insight....)