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Thread: webService & base64Binary ? How to?!

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    webService & base64Binary ? How to?!

    I´m consuming a webService using the WebServiceConnector. The service gives me a name, and a photo of someone. The problem is that the name comes as a String but the photo is not an URL, it´s a base64Binary. How can i view this image with Flash?

    Should i link the foto (base64Binary) result to which object? I have tries the Loader component, a empty MovieClip and nothing...

    If i link that result to a textField it will show a huge code!!!I guess that´s the binary of the file....

    Any help please?

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    Flash can't decode image binaries (Actionscript 3 will eventually support this) -instead you would need to retrieve a path to the image, which you would then load with loadMovie, rather than getting the actual binary data itself...


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    Ok, thks for the answer...

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