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Thread: HELP with dynamic text information/problem

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    Exclamation HELP with dynamic text information/problem

    To begin, I can't post the .fla because it is too large of a file.

    I have a lot of dynamic text boxes on many different pages and I am using just one text file to target all of them. Everything had been running smoothly, but now in three of my dynamic text boxes, not all of the text from the text file is appearing.
    Is there a glitch with it processing so many '&hours=' and '&greeting='?
    Two of the boxes with the missing info have scrolls attached to them. The scrolls are working fine but they stop half way through the information that I have typed fully into the text file.

    It seems really strange to me that only a portion of the text would appear and I can see no flaws within my text file.

    I am a freelance designer and this is only my second flash website project, but I have a deadline that is quickly approaching and I am very concerned! Any suggestions appreciated.


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    I had a lot of problems with mere textfiles (.txt). That is why I switched to xml. Have a look at this. You want to try once to use xml for the scrollbar textboxes.

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    Use List Variables in Test Movie screen to check if the variables are loaded correctly from txt file. If the variables have full content, but do not appear correctly in text boxes then it has something to do with text boxes code. If variables are broken then its a problem with your txt file or the way you load it.

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    If you want to continue using text files instead of xml, one thing I noticed was that it will stop reading if you have a "&" symbol. So if your text says ...

    bla, bla, bla, this and that & the other

    "the other" wont show.

    it might help ??

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