I lurk here alot decided to make ana account and ask a qwestion! Okay i am the gfx guy for a Css clan. I recently made a new banner wich i animated with image ready to fade between different versions of the banner.

The website for the example

but after i had mad the image i relized it was way to big (around 11mb). So I diddnt want to chop down the animation cuss it was perfect and would look like crap if it went any faster.. So i tried converting it to flash thinking mabey it would shink file size or at least load up faster than the huge gif... i was wrong (27mb) .. My qwestion(s)

1) I made the animation by saving a bunch of different jpgs and tweening them to blend in photoshop.. is there a way to do this in flash? bassically can i animate it the same/better in flash?

2) i seen flash banners with more animation then this and at a much smaller file size. What am i doing wrong? I think mabye doing the animation in photoshop might be the begining.

Okay guys, hopefully this thread was in context with the rules
(yes i read them but i do tend to miss things)
Thanx for any replys in advanced

and for easyer explaing:
my msn msngr: Covenantcloud@yahoo.com
or aim: arkenemy17 (give me warning not logged in)
email: Dustin.fate@gmail.com

but basically i just want to know how to do that sam animation using flash and still keep the filesize down