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Thread: Help with HTML and Flash plz!

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    Help with HTML and Flash plz!


    I'm trying to embed an html page, similiar to an iFrame, inside of a flash movie. I know this wasn't possible with 5 and MX, but I didn't know if it was possible with MX 2004 or 8.

    What I'm doing is making a flash layout for my Myspace page. Everything else like pics, and info i'm doing in flash, but things like Blogs, Comments and Friends is something that is updated in realtime and I wanted just to make the "iFrame" idea inside of flash kinda like external txt documents that load into a text box.

    Also, since blogging is also in RSS, I didn't know if that would make it easier or not to load into flash via actionscripting.

    Thanks alot guys!


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    Why not build the Flash elements seperately and place them in the html page?
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    I wanted to have everything load inside the flash movie so I could eliminate the scrollbar. Kinda look like a some band's websites.

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    So, you want the site to load up in a player with no tool bars.. a wide screen effect? YOu can still do that in HTML by adding the right css scripts to eliminate the tool bars.

    Or you can crete a site that looks like an HTML layout in a flash movie.

    Either ways may be your solution.

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