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Thread: FTP?

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    I have my flash site, I've done my java, I have a domain...how do I put this puppy online?

    I know nothing about FTP or what it means (except that one program is Fetch), so does anyone know of any sources or sites I can take a look at to learn?


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    OK, here you go. FTP lesson #1:

    start>run> type this into the run box: ftp.cuteftp.com

    next, click on the folder that says Pub

    next click on the folder called cuteFTP and download the version that matches your operating system.

    install the program and read the instructions.

    Happy FTP'ing.

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    FTP: File Transfer Protocol

    An FTP program is basically software that allows you to upload files to a remote server (your web host). Once you have one of these programs, you will need to configure the connection settings to connnect to the right server. This information is usually provided by your web host and consists of an ftp address and a password.

    Once you connect, you will have two windows. One shows the files on your computer and the other reflects the files residing on the web server. Choose the files you want to post on your site and choose "upload". You can download, upload, delete, rename files.......you name it.

    Note: If you are making a lot of revisions, you may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes.

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