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Thread: Custom Cursor Slow-down...

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    Custom Cursor Slow-down...

    I know there are a billion different ways to have a custom cursor, but unfortunately right now the method I'm using right now has some major slow-down problems when the movie demands too much power. Here's my code for the cursor MC:

    	_x = _root._xmouse;
    	_y = _root._ymouse;
    I thought the updateAfterEvent(); woulda done the trick, but the cursor still majorly slows down when the background image in my movie slowly changes color (in the Advanced tab). I'm trying to simulate a smooth day-night transition. I'd really appreciate any help.. Thanks!!

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    How are you accomplishing the day-night transition? There may be a less memory intensive way to achieve this so that your file doesn't slowdown.

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    I'm just having the advanced properties (RGB percentages) of the graphic symbols change over a period of 200 frames. This 200-frame color shift occurs every 1000 frames, so it doesn't happen TOO often... but when it does, the slow-down is horrible. This takes place inside a movie clip for each symbol that uses this transition (a total of six). So in other words, each of this six movie clips is about 2400 frames long (no color effects for 1000 frames, color shifts to night values over 200 frames, night values stay un-changing for 1000 frames, color shifts back to none over 200 frames.) So yeah, after reading what I just typed, there's gotta be an easier way than that.

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