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Thread: load random movie clip from library

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    load random movie clip from library

    i need a way to have one of three versions of a banner randomly load upon refresh, but they cannot be external files.

    I'm thinking loading movie clips from the library might be the best way to go but I'm pretty foggy and I haven't found much out there on the Web the get me started in the right direction.

    any takers?

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    First you need to add linkage names to the movieclips so that you can target them. You do this by right clicking on the movieclip then going to linkage then click on the export for actionscript. Type in a name for it. Now you need to use the targetPathToMovieClipThatYouWantToAttackThisTo.att achMovieClip("linkageName","Name for target path and stuff");

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    This post should help. It uses external files that you don't want to use, but it's pretty much the same.

    Instead of having an array of .swf's, you can have an array with the identifiers that you used to export the movies in the library.
    And instead of loading the external .swf, you use attachMovie().

    // array with the movies to play, the movies in the library
    var my_array = new Array("circle", "square", "pentagon");
    var numberOfMovies = my_array.length;
    // create the shared object
    var my_so = SharedObject.getLocal("LastPlayedSO");
    // see if the shared object already exists
    if (my_so.data.lastPlayed == undefined)
    // doesn't exist
    my_so.data.lastPlayed = 1;
    // initialize
    trace("doesn't exist");
    else if (my_so.data.lastPlayed == numberOfMovies)
    // the last played was the last, reset
    my_so.data.lastPlayed = 1;
    // exists
    // if you test the movie again, this will be triggeres
    trace('lastPlayed -> ' + my_so.data.lastPlayed);
    // play the clip: my_array[my_so.data.lastPlayed-1]
    // which may correspond to loading the specific movie
    this.attachMovie(my_array[my_so.data.lastPlayed - 1], "new_me", 1);

    In this case, the identifiers used would be: circle, square and pentagon.

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