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Thread: Need some help to show video in Flash (mpeg : dvd : audio problems)

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    Need some help to show video in Flash (mpeg : dvd : audio problems)


    I have a client who ahs a bunch of press coverage (broadcast clips) that she wants to show on her site.

    She has supplied me with one mpeg clip, and the rest are on dvd.

    I can't get the audio on the imported mpeg to work in flash, and i don't have a clue as to what to do with the DVD's (which play fine in my household dvd player but very stuttery on my computers dvd player).

    I am using a MAC and Flash MX 2004 (not professional version).

    What is the best way to achieve what for example, you see on the following site:
    (go to WHAT WE'VE DONE and then to BROADCAST)

    I'm hoping that I don't need to purchase any additional software, but if so, what are the simplest solutions and can anyone recommend any decent tutorials or resources to help me with this.

    Many Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Cheska:

    Though work!, in order to use the video on the DVD you'll need an application or "ripper" to get them into your HD, and then another one to edit the video into a useful format.

    You need to cut, resize, and re-encode the clips in order to bring them into Flash.

    There are many sharewere apps to do it (unless you have access to a friend with AfterEffects, Avid, Premiere or Studio), but it may prove cumbersome for you to experiment with a deadline looming close.

    You may find it more cost effective to have some pro to convert the files for you.

    This will save you many headaches about bandwidth, compression, muxing, fields and such.

    Make shure to explain them exactly what you intend to do with the video though.

    ....of course if you are anything like me... you'd like to know how to do everything for yourself, just keep an eye on the deadline and remember that anything less than pro finish is unacceptable.

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