Thanks for the Nice option you provided.
I have simmilar kind of problem:
Is there any Script for the button that can ensure that which ever SWF is loaded it should run completely before loading the link triggered by the button?

I have three scenes,each contains buttons and they are interlinked but the actions are triggered by the Buttons and not sequesntially.

In case a user clicks on any link which would be random at any time,is there any way that Flash gives this ability to the buttons that for example if 1.swf Is loaded and i have a link for 2.swf and 3.swf both on same loaded swf.
Now if i click on 3.swf,it should load 3.swf but after completely running the main.swf file.or previously loaded swf and then goes to 3.swf?

I know i am making it more complecated than it seems but i didnt figured out any way to resolve this.

Please help.

best regards