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Thread: flash logo as email signature: how do you do this?

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    flash logo as email signature: how do you do this?


    I have created a logo in Flash, which I now would like to use as an email signature and if possible as a header in word documents.

    I have been trying to do this but it looks very bad. I publushed the fla as a jpeg but the quality is very low, I hardly can read the text.

    How can I do this, please help!

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    Hi Corr:

    When exporting your file as JPEG be sure to pump up the resolution, and be sure to check the dimensions, so it's not being rescaled.

    Also be sure to select 24 bits for full color

    If you need your graphic to have transparency, export as PNG 32 bits w/aplha

    ---hope this helps
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    better but not great...

    Ciao Fatcat,

    I did what you suggested, exported the logo as Jpeg, 100% quality and no rescaling this time. It is better but it still looks blurry if I import it in a word document as a header.

    Do you have any other ideas?

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    You should consider that on documents you plan to print, dpi (dots per inch) is more important than resolution. Rather than using the publishing settings,
    export the image. Two copies, one for print, and one for web use. Make the print one about 200-300 dpi. Keep the web one at 72.

    This will make the image quite large when you look at it on your computer, but when you print it it will retain it's original size, with a greater density of dots per inch = greater detail.

    Also, as far as web ones go, there's practically no difference between 90 and 100, but the size is much smaller.

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