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Thread: combo_box not showing what page it is on

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    combo_box not showing what page it is on

    Hello all

    I am currently doing a report for my year 12 physics class on solar panels.
    i am doing this report as an animation in flash (pretty much just because i can and i don't like paper)

    regardless of what it is. I am using a combo box. the first component i've actually used in flash.

    I eventually found how to use it and it works pretty good. It's purpose is to select a page. at the moment, intro, page 1, page 2, etc. When u select the appropiate page it goes to that page and displays the label for it in the combobox.

    My problem is that i have arrows for the primary back and forth between pages. When you press the arrow, it all works and is good. But the label in the combo box doesn't change.

    this is a problem becasue... say i go from the intro page, to page 1, to page 2,etc. the combo box will continoully display "intro". Say i then want to go bak to the intro. I have to select another page first and then click "intro"

    Each page is it's own movieclip. Each movieclip has their own frame at the root level.

    I know it's a small problem, but i don't like problems and like fixing them....
    So it would be great if someone could explain to me how to get the label to always display the respective label to the page currently being viewed.


    Note: i have attached a stripped down version of my report so far to show the problem...
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