Video Alignment and Streaming

Hi, Im not new to Flash-Kit but I haven't been here for a very long time. Im hoping it is as good as it was!

I am designing a new site for a wallets company and they want to incorporate video into the flash files I have created. They want the flash swf file to resize with the browser window but keep the contents at 100%, some of the contents will need to be aligned like you would v-align in HTML. For instance if you goto you will see that the entire site is flash but works like HTML.

Heres my questions

1. How can make a flash movie fit to the browser size without stretching its contents.

2. How can I align movies_clips or graphics to the left or bottom or right/top like you would in HTML Cells.

3. How can you stream video into flash rather than have to load the clip before it plays.

Thats all folks! (Its not urgent but very important)