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Thread: Trying to Load FLV in my Flash Site

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    Trying to Load FLV in my Flash Site

    I have a FLV that I want to play inside of my SWF flash website.
    problem is...I have no idea where to start.

    Can I make it load inside of a blank movie_clip so it loads exactly in the place that I want it to? I am trying to load it in the "demo reel" area on the site.

    Also, will it have playback controls?

    I listed my website that I am working on at the bottom, please leave any suggestions.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
    Thanks guys, this site is such a helping hand.

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    Start with an .mpeg, .avi, .wmv, etc. Open the Flash 8 Video Encoder application - add the file, set the settings, and encode it.

    Then upload it.

    Then create a new .swf, add the FLVPlayback component and then using the properties panel for the component, reference the location of the .flv (contentPath); and you can choose the type of controls used (skin).

    Upload .swf and .htm et voila.
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