I'm starting with a 720p HD file, playing at 6384 kbps.

I encoded it down to FLV High level, or 700 kbps. All went well, the quality is quite tight.

I've tried encoding above that level a couple times, I tried encoding at 1400 kbps.

I also tried encoding a 1020p HD file (8384 kbps) down to 1400, 1200, and 1000.

The Encoder crashed, produced an error, and closed each time.

My machine is kinda old now, but it's still a P4 2.4 with a GB of RAM.

During even the 700 kbps encoding, it pushed the machine up to 1.5 GBs of RAM.

Is this a machine resource issue - or does the Flash encoder have a datarate maximum limit, or any other ideas?