THis is something I've ALWAYS had a problem with, in faxt I've cut 2 games because no one was able to help me with this before, but hopefully here i can get what I need ^_^

I'm making a fighting game, and I need some help. Character Selection is something any Fighting Game needs, and I'm trying to make it so that there are 4 charecters. At the character selection screen, you see pictures/poses of the 4 charecters and you select one like in any fighting game, but how do I get the Movie Clip the user chooses to be the one that appears in the fighting game? I have an idea, but I doubt it'll work.

My idea is similar to just when you select a charecter. in the Player ONe or Two Movie Clip, the character you choose would be duplicated into that Movie Clip. Then you coudl control PLayer One and the charecter would just be a duplicated Movie Clip inside another MOvie Clip. Depending on the charecter you choose, the action script for the "p1" MOvie Clip would affect the character inside.

That probably makes no sense, but I hope someone can understand this >.<