Hey sorry to cross-post but i don't think it's possible to move my existing topic to this forum!


This code is being executed from an external .SWF inside of the loader component. it loads the movie, but the progress bar isn't working for this.... anyone gotta tip?

basically: main.swf has 2 loader components ("loader" and "loader2" in seperate locations, and a progress bar ("Pbar") component on the timeline. main.swf loads movie2.swf into "loader", and "pBar" shows the loading status just fine. there is a button inside of movie2.swf that triggers main.swf to load movie3.swf into "loader2". it shows up fine, but the progress bar doesnt work for this second loading action.

on (release) {
_root.pBar.source = _root.loader2;
_root.loader2.contentPath = "movie3.swf";