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    nav not working properly

    trying to fix my nav- can someone take a look at it and just offer an explanation why the technique I used to build it might not work? I have built a site completely and the nav is "sticking". I built the nav using labels on one movie clip to break it up into sections for each section of the site. on each section there is a button as part of the nav and when you click a button the AS will tell the playhead to go to the frame label that corresponds with that button. The problem is that the buttons work but the ability to click on them and get a reaction is sticky. That is the best way to describe it- when you click the buttons (and it happens on each button from each page) some time (only sometimes) the button doesn't work and you have to press it again- it sometimes seems to go to the correct frame but the movie hasn't loaded as the button told it to...
    any suggestions?
    image of how I built the nav is attached
    Thank you in advance!!!
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