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Thread: DropShadowFilter and Masking

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    DropShadowFilter and Masking

    Hey Everyone,

    I've been busting my head lately trying to get the DropShadowFilter in conjunction with a mask to work correctly. I uploaded an example to illustrate my problem here: www.intriguemedia.net/dropshadowmask.swf

    My problem is that when I try to apply the DropShadowFilter when using a mask, it drops a shadow around the portion that is masked. Not around the actual object that is being masked. However, this only happens when I try to apply this filter using ActionScript. If I do it through the IDE it works correctly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
    Dan Schultz
    Intrigue Media

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    Can you post the fla file and we can take a look at that too?

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