inspiration for this topic:
playing the pre-defined games of Lightforce: (My favs: )fullboard ,skid ,chainreaction ,warehouse

as well as the randomly generated trilinks by tonypa.

While having some ideas for a puzzlegame at the moment I doubt which way to go. I wonder what you think as a developer as well as player.

Some global thoughts:

*A random one will (almost) always be different,
which makes it more fun to come back to a game.
*A pre-defined puzzle is often a beauty in it's creation,
you never know what a randomly generated puzzle will bring.
*A random puzzle could, for the same reason, be fun for the developer to play,
(gives the developer something to hold on to while coding it)
*A predefined puzzle will be no fun for the developer to play,
(why I would never make an rpg)
*A pre-defined puzzle is easier to code,
cause it lacks the AI creating it.
*A randomly generated puzzle is more fun to code,
cause you need to think of a solution how to let the computer create it.
*In a predefined puzzle you can make a very accurate difficulty increasing.
*In a randomly generated puzzle that's more difficult (If you shuffle the pieces in a simple sliding puzzle randomly 15 times, there's a little chance the player only needs an easy one push to solve it.)

Someone else?