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Thread: Unload All Movies After Certain Time

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    Unload All Movies After Certain Time

    Do any of you know how can i unload all level loaded swf's after certain ammount of innactivity. Something like: If no user is browsing the proyector, after 10 minutes it reset to the beggining and unload all movies.

    It is possible? Please Help
    Thanks in advance for any help
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    Well, maybe the best way to "reset" to the starting condition, is to LOAD the main movie again, on top of itself, instead of UNLOADING all the loaded movies.

    Anyway, the following function will be good for you:


    It returnes the amount of time that has passed from the initial opening of the Flash movie, in milliseconds.

    You will have to make a loop that counts the seconds that pass from the last user activity, that will trigger the reloading of the movie when the value exceeds the amount you defined.

    Hope this helps,
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