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Thread: Careers Class Assignment Help

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    Careers Class Assignment Help

    Hey, I'm doing an assignment for my grade 10 Careers class, where we have to think of interesting or unique jobs you could do over the summer and what they entail. The teacher made a suggestion of making websites, and I already liked using flash so I'm looking into that. I want to ask the people who actually do this for work, and I just want to ask the basics of what you do. How long your projects usually take, how often you actually get a task, what the pay usually is, what your responibilitys are, and what your employers look for before they hire you. I know it all varies, but an on average answer, like your most common projects. I'm pretty interested in this field, so if you can help with anything that would be great. Thanks alot.

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    When it occurs is rare,
    I can ususally turn a $25 template into a $500 site in under 2 hours-
    This is based on how much existing data/images I can retrieve on a company before hunkering down.

    Design is actually the least a designer does. Marketing, Contract Negotiation, Accounting, Research as well as deployment are the real time consumers.


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    Frelancing in web development can be very hard or very easy - depending on luck, where you live, etc. Billing can be $40/hour to $100/hour. But don't let that fool you. Health insurance is very costly, as are computers, manuals, offices, taxes, and everything you need to run a business. Are you a salesman? I spend more time talking with customers old and new than I do actually delivering billable work.

    Can you write? Many websites are unusable to the public because the writing is bad, irrelevant, or boring to the site visitor.

    The business of delivering websites is about to undergo even more change - and Flash generally won't play that big a part. The slow traffic in this forum already shows that.

    You're talking about summer jobs, but if you wnat to go further, you will either want to become a programmer or a graphic designer. Sites are going to become much more interactive than they are. AJAX with JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, RUBY, or ABOBE FLEX will be in your future. Or, if design is to your liking, start looking at art schools.

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