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Thread: Cmon, you wanna help...

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    Ok I need help. I have to finish this flash, and im stuck on my homework, please help me!!!

    Mechi has two lengths of a ribbon. One 150 inches long and 135 long. She wishes to cut the length into equal pieces what is the longest such peice she can cut so that no ribbon is left.

    Please help, i wanna work on my site, but mom wont let me till i finish it, PLEASE GUYS!!!

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    well whenever I am faced with math i just say "math is stupid...." and I am convinced that math is stupid, I hope i've helped

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    Oh god.. it`s so funny...

    sorry guy, but i suck at maths..*smile*
    if you had a flash problem, i could help u out, but .. never mind..

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