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Thread: Tips on Buying a new Computer

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    Tips on Buying a new Computer

    Hi, im not sure where to post this but I am a web designer looking to buy a new high performance computer. I am looking at the Dell XPS 600 with a dual core 2.8ghz processor, 256MB Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX, and a gig of ram. I use many programs at the same time, edit large graphics including video and 3D. (photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, maya, after effects, sound editing). Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything else I should be taking into account? ALSO, at work I use a MAC which I know performs better with graphics, however I do prefer a PC for apps it can run which MACs cant, as well as other reasons. Would it be better for me to just focus on a MAC? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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    welcome to the 'kit!

    as long as you have a decent processor, a GB of RAM or higher, and a big hard drive, you should be fine with any PC. i do all the same tasks you are speaking of, and have had no problems using a high end, over-the-counter Dell. get a good monitor though...that makes a big difference in how your work looks and how your eyes feel. and trust me, it always takes more brain power than computer power to be a good designer.

    and don't get hung up on the MAC thing. the days when Macs performed better with graphics are over...it's just about preference and budget now. i haven't used Macs since the mid-90s, and it's not been an issue.

    hope that helps.

    ps - this type of post will get more hits in the coffee lounge...simply because of traffic.

    Ah, these boys is all swelled up. So this was earlier...getting set to trade. Then, woooaaah differences.
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