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Thread: Flash and Photoshop?

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    Flash and Photoshop?

    I'm fairly familiar with both Photoshop CS and Flash. More familiar with photoshop though. My idea is this. I want to create (for a website) a page where a piece of parchment paper (like a scroll) will unroll, revealing whatever content I choose to put on it. Would I have to create like 10 different parchment pictures, like 1 for each stage as it rolls down? Or is there a way in Flash to make this animation work? It's prolly something really simple that I'm just not thinking of. Please help. Thanks!

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    The best way to do this would be to do stop frame animation (as you suggest)

    I'd make one image with the unscrolled parchment, and then several of the roll only; in various stages of unrolling; then use stop frame animation to move the roll across the stage and mask the parchment as required.
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    One way to do this would be to create one image of the paper and create another image of the rolled up bottom of the paper. Place a mask over the piece of paper and place the roll image at the top of the page. As you animate the roll graphic sliding down the page, animate the mask to reveal the rest of the page. I attached a VERY rough example file for you....

    Hope this helps!!
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