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Thread: Strict Data Typing

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    Strict Data Typing

    What are your thoughts on Strict data typing? I uise it as much as possible, check out the article I wrote about it on my blog: Why strict data typing is good

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    The ability to declare variables before actually assigning to them has been around long before strict data typing, simply by using the "var" statement:


    var myVar;

    The "var" statement should always have been used prior to the use of strict data typing. Secondly, you seem to have overlooked one of the most useful features of strict data typing, which is the enhanced debig ability.


    //Without Strong Typing;
    var myString = "Some String";

    var myArray = myString;
    //No error. This is a contrived example, but accidentally assigning wrong data types
    //is a common error, and one that Flash won't always pick up on. We want myArray
    //to be an array obviously, but Flash doesn't know that, so it allows me to assign a
    //string to it, something I obviously don't want.

    //With Strong Typing;
    var myString2:String = "Some String";

    var myArray2:Array = myString2;
    //Flash spits out an error, telling us we made a type mismatch. Not only that, but it
    //tells us exactly where in the code it happened, so we can go and fix it.

    Using strong typing (or strict data typing) brings Flash into line with other common programming languages, that wouldn't dream of allowing you to assign a number to what was previously a string, for example. If you want your code to be robust and readable, then you should definitely take a look at using strict data typing.
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    Yes it has been around for quite some time, but the history of strict data typing wasn't my goal to explain in my blog post, I was wanting to make it relevant to AS.

    But you are correct, and I thought I had explained it in my post, but code with strict data typing is a hell of a lot easier to debug.

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    I really get the point of Strict Data typing, but a lot of my code needs to have variables that can change, so for me. It took me ages to be bothered to even comment my code, so it'll be a while until i start using it. lol
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    I really get the point of Strict Data typing, but a lot of my code needs to have variables that can change, so for me
    imarock....its bad style to change datatypes midway through your program/project.
    your way better off just creating a new var.

    but i agree, strict data typing is the best way to go. I always use it, just a good habit, especially if you do it for a company and someone else needs to go in a update it or change it or whatever.
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    i lurrrrrrrrrrrrve strict data typing
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    Quote Originally Posted by silentweed
    i lurrrrrrrrrrrrve strict data typing
    Said like a true Englishman....

    I second that!
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    I just started using it, and so far I havent noticed a difference one way or another. (but Im not very advanced with AS yet)..

    any other nice new things that "help" us in AS 2.0?

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