Hi guys,

Could someone please explain how i would do this. (im trying to understand socket servers)

Have a flash file (swf) on a website with a textbox.
When somone enters "hello" in the text box, it passes it to my visual basic application, and the VB app displays the enterd text in a listbox.

Did that make sense? lol.

I really dont know how to start this - i just want to see how flash and visual basic can work together.

I know that the flash file needs to be on my own server (which it is), i just carnt understand this part: flash runs client side, as it needs to download, so how can it pass varibles back to the server.

What do xml files do?

Any info would be great. I know about electrosever, and that java is a better socket server etc, i just want to use vb for this project im trying to work on.