I guess somethings read funnier in my head
Nope, it was pretty damn funny. I laughed

My new job has a content filter up so I can't access this board or pnflashgames.com while I'm at work, nor can I use any instant messengers. Hence the reason none of you have heard from me in a while.
This is defeatable. Don't tell anyone who told you how to easily bypass all corporate Internet security, but follow the directions below. It looks like a lot, but this is pretty easy to set up.

-- Don't do this step for anything but Windows, other platforms have SSHD already ---
Install Cygwin (on your home machine) and set up a SSH daemon:

Then set up Putty on your work machine:

Then set your work machine web browser to use a SOCKS proxy and point it at localhost:xxxx where xxxx is the port number you put in putty as the listening port. You can also use this with IM. I've found that Trillian has the best proxy support. It will EASILY work with this technique.

One issue, DNS mappings handled by the internal network will fail by default (as you are using your home machines' DNS settings to resolve entires), you will want to add local entries to your browsers "bypass" list. It's pretty easy when you look at it. That will let you access the intranet with your lan connection while still accessing the Internet through your home machine.

I've used this to get past corporate firewalls at many locations. If you find that port 22 outbound is blocked, try using port 80 on your home machine. That will probably go right through. Another good on is 443 (SSL) as it's encrypted in general, only the most anal packet-inspecting firewall attempts to block it. One note, network admins CAN ask the firewall to tell it all connections and how long they've been connected. They will notice if you leave this running for days at a time. Just kill it nightly and connect in the morning and you should be fine.

As a plus, this will let you access files on your home machine no problem. You just need to make sure you can see em from Cygwin command prompt. Additionally, you can start and stop local services, use Remote Desktop, etc. Also, all traffic is encrypted with this approach so no one can read your data. Pretty slick huh?

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

P.S. I should make this a tutorial. More useful then how to make games