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Thread: loading text block from list

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    loading text block from list

    i was wondering if i can get some input from everyone on good ways to load a text block from a list of links. what im planning is i have a table of links in 3 columns on the left side and when someone clicks on one of the links a description of the category they clicked will load in that designated area. now i know i could do this in flash fairly easily. but it must be searchable.. appreciate any ideas, thanks

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    Quickest and easiest way: use div tags and x_core.js (download this GNU-licence javascript file) along with CSS, so you have a div tag for each link and each one is hidden by default (e.g. visibility: hidden) and use one of the functions in x_core.js -- think it is called xshow or something to disable the invisibility of that div tag.

    The best thing about this is that the whole thing is searchable/indexable by search engines.

    Hope this helps.

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