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Thread: How to play a movie on button release?

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    How to play a movie on button release?


    I have built a flash file with a number of buttons in it and I want to be able to press one of these buttons, and on the release, play a movie. eventually the other buttons will be doing the same thing(just playing different movies)

    to see an example of what I am talking about, you can check out www.puccaclub.com/eng
    ...and go to the amusement section where the flash movies are.

    I bet this is real simple to do and I've guessed some script but I keep getting errors.

    Thanks very much in advance. Anyone who could help will be much appreciated.
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    Well, make a MovieClip with all the movies in it. Make the first frame empty. then label it "stopped", and put the stop(); action on it. Then on the next frame start the first movie. Name that next frame "one". Then on the last frame of the movie, put these actions on it.

    After that last frame, place the next movie, naming the first frame of that movie "two". and make the last frame of that movie the same as noted above.

    Do this for as many movies as you need.

    Then. Name the MovieClip "movies".

    Now on the buttons. put this action to each corrosponding button.

    on(release) {
    and so on. That should work fine.

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    Why dont you do a search on the forums? Look here's one of hundreds of posts!


    And heres all the search results: http://flashkit.com/board/search.php?searchid=308678

    Have fun.
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    Wow, thanks a bunch killerbigmac! i didn't try your method yet but it makes a lot of sense to me just reading through. saves me a lot of hassle! thanks again~~
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